Kinshasa Airport Guide to Kinshasa Airport - N’djili Airport

Kinshasa Airport N’djili (FIH)

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It serves as a hub for the regional airline Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation


At the airport operate more than 10 airlines with domestic and international flights. At Kinshasa Airport there is a single runway (06/24) and the airport can handle 1 million passengers per year.


In June 2015 it was opened a new international terminal.


This new facility can handle up to 500 passengers at rush hour and it has a capacity to handle 1 million passenger per year.


The current building structure has maintained the old one. Spaces have been added on the landside welcoming check-in and arrival halls.


The airport has also a new control tower.


The airport is 25 km away from Kinshasa city, that means almost an hour trip.


The best method of transportation to go and come back to the airport is by taxi.


- Taxis: Taxis wait for all passengers outside the terminal. Please, before boarding a taxi, we recommend you to ask to the taxi driver the fees to your destination and which is the method of payment (if cash or credit card are accepted). We strongly recommend you to pick up an authorized taxi at the airport to avoid any possible scam. The fare to Kinshasa may be higher than $ 50.00.

Facilities and Services

At N’Djili Airport there are 2 banks that have offices in the airport, ATM’s machine available in the International Terminal, next to the "Rotonde". Passengers may notice that although the national currency is the Franc Congolais, US dollars are used as the main currency.


There are also lounges to all passengers that request the service. WiFi and internet kiosks are not available at this airport (Internet is only available at the VIP lounges).

There are no hotels near the airport.


Address: Kinshasa, Congo (DRC)

Phone: +243 12 6131

Kinshasa airport in numbers

- It is located 25 km away from Kinshasa city

- It has one runway

- It has a single and new terminal

- It operates with more than 10 airlines

- It can handle 1M passengers annually

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